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    American Mathematical Society. Clay Mathematics Institute. Clay Mathematics Monographs. Volume 4. DIRICHLET BRANES. AND MIRROR SYMMETRY. Paul S. Aspinwall. Tom Bridgeland. Alastair Craw. Michael R. Douglas. Mark Gross. Anton Kapustin. Gregory W. Moore. Graeme Segal. Balázs Szendrői. P.M.H. Wilson ...
  • - SYZ Mirror Symmetry for Dirichlet Branes - arXiv
    arXiv:1612.09380v1 [math.SG] 30 Dec 2016. SYZ Mirror Symmetry for. Dirichlet Branes. CHUNG, Shun Wai. A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of. Master of Philosophy in. Mathematics. The Chinese University of Hong Kong. July 2016 ...
  • - arXiv:math/0207021v2 [math.AG] 5 Jul 2002
    Keywords and Phrases: Superstring theory, Dirichlet Branes, Homological. Mirror Symmetry, stability. 1. Introduction. Let M be a complex manifold with Kähler metric, and E a vector bundle on. M. The hermitian Yang-Mills (HYM) equations are nonlinear partial differential equations for a connection
  • - Notes on Higgs bundles and D-branes - cimpa
    The concept of a D-brane (Dirichlet brane) in string theory had evolved considerably [?] in recent years: Original .... the Strominger-Yau-Zaslow [SYZ96] picture of mirror symmetry and suggests the following. Questions ... We will explain how these mathematical symmetries act on D-brane moduli
  • - Dirichlet Branes and Nonperturbative Aspects of Supersymmetric ...
    1.3 'Unifying string theories and p-branes. 2 General Formulation of Dirichlet p-Branes. 2.1 D-branes and boundary conformal field theory. 2.2 Supersymmetric cycles in Calabi-Yau manifolds. 2.3 Boundary states for D-branes ... 2.4 Exceptional supersymmetric cycles. 3 Applications to Mirror Symmetry.
  • - D-Branes And Mirror Symmetry
    a consequence of mirror symmetry acting on D-branes. The organization of this ... section 6 we derive, using the results of [2] the mirror of certain D-branes on Fano varieties in terms of D-branes in the ...... coordinate fields as (3.21), from pure Neumann to mixed Dirichlet-Neumann condition
  • - Tropical Geometry and Mirror Symmetry - American Mathematical ...
    G. Segal, B. Szendr˝oi, and P.M.H. Wilson, Dirichlet branes and mirror symmetry, Clay. Mathematics Monographs, vol. 4, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2009. 4. Serguei Barannikov, Semi-infinite Hodge structures and mirror symmetry for projective spaces, arXiv:math/0010157, 2000. 5
  • - Overview and physical background - AMS Bookstore
    string theory, and give an intuitive description of string compactification,. Dirichlet branes, T-duality and the other physical concepts we will discuss in more depth, primarily in Chapters 2, 3 and 5. We then summarize the mathematics behind homological mirror symmetry and SYZ, which we
    23. 1. The SYZ proposal. In 1996, drawing on the new idea of D-branes from string theory, Strominger,. Yau and Zaslow [77] made a ground-breaking proposal to explain mirror symmetry ...... B. Szendr˝oi, and P. M. H. Wilson, Dirichlet branes and mirror symmetry, Clay Mathemat- ics Monographs, vol.
  • - D--branes, Topological Strings and Mirror Symmetry
    D–branes and Calabi–Yaus. Topological Strings. Mirror Symmetry. Conclusions. D–branes. • D–branes are objects where open strings can end. (Dirichlet boundary conditions). • D–branes break translation invariance and supersymmetry. • The string gets additional degrees of freedom on the boundary.
  • - Non-BPS Dirichlet branes - Caltech Authors
    Over the past year, Dirichlet branes (D-branes) which do not preserve supersymmetry, and therefore do not saturate the ... to make progress in analysing the possible dualities of theories without supersymmetry†, we have to develop ..... of the string that stretches between the D5-brane and its
  • - The goal of the workshop is to provide an ... - MIT Mathematics
    the comprehensive Mirror Symmetry monograph [Clay03] and the more recent Dirichlet. Branes and Mirror Symmetry monograph [Clay09], the recent survey article by Mark Gross. [CDM] and the expository article [GS08] should both be reasonably accessible to workshop participants. (Chap. 6 through 8
  • - The Impact of D-branes on Mathematics - Rutgers Physics
    Duality symmetries, D-brane categories, and extended field theory. 2. 3. ... The duality symmetries here are primarily mirror symmetry and S-duality. D-branes are connected to two central developments in this area of Mathematics: 1. ..... [22] J. Polchinski, “Dirichlet Branes and Ramond-Ramond
  • - D-Branes on Calabi-Yau Manifolds - Springer Link
    D-Branes on Calabi-Yau Manifolds. Michael R. Douglas. Abstract. We give an overview of recent work on Dirichlet branes on Calabi-. Yau threefolds which makes contact with Kontsevich's homological mirror symmetry proposal, proposes a new definition of stability which is appropriate in string theory
  • - On mirror symmetry for manifolds of exceptional ... - Science Direct
    Mirror symmetry has proven to be a powerful and fascinating area of string theory. (for a review see Ref. ... branes wrapped around supersymmetric cycles in these manifolds have world-volume theories which are ..... In particular, this means that Dirichlet p-branes which are reduced from ten
    The homological mirror symmetry (HMS) conjecture, proposed by Kontsevich in his 1994 ICM address ... provides a geometric explanation for mirror symmetry – the celebrated SYZ conjec- ture asserts that a pair ...... MR 2914956. 33. P. Aspinwall et al., Dirichlet branes and mirror symmetry, Clay
  • - Tom bridgeland CV - University of Sheffield
    (15) with P. Aspinwall et al, Dirichlet Branes and Mirror Symmetry, Clay. Mathematics Monographs, x+681 pp. Hardback 684 pp. (2009). (16) with David Stern, Helices on del Pezzo surfaces and tilting Calabi-Yau algebras,. Adv. Math. 224 1672–1716 (2010). (17) Hall algebras and curve-counting
  • - Doran–Harder–Thompson Conjecture via SYZ Mirror Symmetry ...
    markable conjecture (Conjecture 2.3), which builds a bridge between mirror symmetry for the ... by gluing the underlying affine base manifolds of X1 and X2 in SYZ mirror symmetry. This is based ...... Szendr˝oi B., Wilson P.M.H., Dirichlet branes and mirror symmetry, Clay Mathematics Monographs
    D-BRANES. ANTON KAPUSTIN AND DMITRI ORLOV. Abstract. This paper is an introduction to Homological Mirror Symmetry, derived cat- egories, and topological D-branes aimed mainly at a mathematical audience. In the paper we explain ..... For example, one can impose Dirichlet boundary conditions (i.e
  • - Mirror symmetry for elliptic curves
    Dirichlet boundary condition on some fields living on the worldsheet (open strings). Now, there are again two types of D-branes (boundary conditions) that may be as- sociated with the A-model and the B-model, respectively. We would like for the boundary condition to preserve as many symmetries
  • - 1 Triangulated categories - inspire-hep
    Mirror Symmetry can also be extended on the case when 2-dimensional world-sheet has boundaries (see e.g. [46]). This generalization leads to the notion of a D-brane, which plays a very important role in string the- ory [35]. A D-brane is a nice boundary condition for the SCQFT. For example, one can
  • - Open Strings and Extended Mirror Symmetry
    The present mathematical challenges of mirror symmetry include making the statements (1.3), (1.4) more precise, proving them, and finding relations between either of them and (1.2). All these conjectures are strongly backed by physical ideas from string theory, centrally involving D-branes. D
    [1] P. S. Aspinwall, T. Bridgeland, A. Craw, M. R. Douglas, M. Gross, A. Kapustin, G. W.. Moore, G. Segal, B. Szendr˝oi, and P. M. H. Wilson, Dirichlet branes and mirror symmetry, Clay. Mathematics Monographs 4, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 2009, ISBN 978-0-8218-. 3848-8.
    mann branes and Dirichlet branes on these manifolds. ... For C-VCPs, there are two types of branes corresponding to the Dirichlet type ... Relations to Mirror. Symmetry will also be discussed there. 2. Instantons and branes. In this section we introduce and study instantons and branes on manifolds
  • - Research Statement of Hülya Argüz - IAS (Math)
    I am interested in algebraic geometry with applications to mirror symmetry. I use methods of ... which both sides of mirror symmetry have been understood deeply and with explicit methods. The method in ..... G. Segal, B. Szendröi, P.M.H. Wilson: Dirichlet branes and mirror symmetry, Clay Math
  • - Unitarity, D-brane dynamics and D-brane categories
    on the homological mirror symmetry conjecture. This note can be read without ... end product of a conden- sation process is generally not a Dirichlet brane, since it typically cannot be described ... on Dirichlet branes, and – in a slightly less direct manner – also in the case of generalized. D
  • - D-Branes in Topological String Theory - Particle Physics Group
    open string mirror symmetry for the simplest compact Calabi–Yau, the torus. ..... (Dirichlet conditions). Dirichlet boundary conditions have been ignored in string theory for a long time since there were no suitable objects in the theory for the open string to end ... Generic D–brane configurations
  • - University of Groningen Dirichlet branes, effective actions and ...
    Dirichlet branes, effective actions and supersymmetry. Eenink, Martijn Gerard Christian. IMPORTANT NOTE: You are advised to consult the publisher's version (publisher's PDF) if you wish to cite from it. Please check the document version below. Document Version. Publisher's PDF, also known
  • - Chern-Simons from Dirichlet 2-brane Instantons - Core
    small resolution in IIA string theory. The image under mirror symmetry of the 3-branes wrapping the S. 3 providing additional non-perurbative massless states is the 2-branes of the IIA theory wrapping the S. 2. 's again giving additional massless states. On the “other side” of the conifold
  • - Curriculum Vitae Dr. Mark Gross Education ... - UCSD Mathematics
    Algebraic geometry— Seattle 2005. Part 1, 149–192, Proc. Sympos. Pure Math.,. 80, AMS, Providence, RI, 2009. [31] With Aspinwall et al, “Dirichlet branes and mirror symmetry,” Clay Mathe- matics Monographs, 4, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI; Clay. Mathematics Institute, Cambridge, MA

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